Thursday, June 5, 2008

Different Drum

Well, plans change. One of the great things about traveling light and cheap is that when I decided yesterday to change my plans, I could. My Watson Fellowship is officially over today (though I will continue to write up blog entries on parts of my travels not yet explained, independent travel, and conclusions for the next two months). Rather than going back to Italy for ten days as I had initially planned, I am heading over to Israel from the 6 to the 14, then flying to Riga, Latvia staying there for two days, then going by ferry across the Baltic Sea to Stockholm, Sweden to visit my ol' friend Johan and celebrate midsummer by doing the frog dance around a maypole. Huzzah.

1 comment:

Eloise said...

My friend, words cannot express how much I would like to see you dancign once again, and most especially doing a frog dance... video?